Functional Capabilities:

  • Tactical and Combat System Maintenance
  • Fixed and Rotary Wing Avn. Maintenance
  • Supply Support Activity Mgmt. and Opns.
  • Property Control and Accountability
  • Transportation Mgmt. and Opns.
  • Technical Services
  • Training Support

Global Logistics Support Services (GLSS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of S3, is specifically organized to provide responsive and cost-effective maintenance, logistics, training, and technical support services to US, Partner Nations, and commercial customers, worldwide.


GLSS provides a full complement of logistics services that include air and ground equipment maintenance, supply and warehousing, transportation services and Technical Support Services to our customers.


GLSS is collocated with its parent company, S3, and headquartered in Huntsville, AL. The company is the executive agent for the S3 Logistics Support and Service Contract Act (SCA) business lines. GLSS is responsible for the management and operation of S3’s maintenance, supply and transportation contract programs.


  • Production Control
  • Field and Sustainment-Level Maintenance
  • Tactical Vehicle Repair/ Services
  • Combat System Repair/ Services
  • Aircraft Repair/Services
  • Weapons/Missiles
  • Communications/Electronics Repair/Services
  • RESET (Aviation & Ground Equipment)
  • Left Behind Equipment (LBE)
  • SAMS-E and ULLS-A


  • Supply Chain Mgmt.
  • SSA Management
  • Class I, II, IIIP, IV, V, VII, and IX Support
  • Fuel/Refuel (Class IIIB) Support
  • CIF/ICEMP Operations
  • Ammunition/ASP Mgmt. and Operations
  • Property Accountability
  • Warehousing
  • Kitting/Packaging
  • New Equipment Fielding


  • ITO Support
  • Movement Planning
  • Ground, Rail, and Air Movement Support
  • Arrival/Departure Airfield Control Group (A/DACG) Operations
  • Transportation Motor Pool (TMP)
  • Personnel/Cargo Movement
  • Central Travel Office Spt.
  • Household Goods Shipping
  • TC-AIMS and DPS

Technical Support Services

  • Logistics and Sustainment Technical Training
  • - New/Legacy Equipment Training
    - Power Projection Mobile Training Teams (MTT)
  • Institutional Logistics Training Support
  • Equipment Preparation and Operation
  • Range Set-up and Operations
  • Deployment Support
  • Logistics STAMIS Training and Operations
John Briggs, GM GLSS Phone: 256-539-1700 x 104 Email: